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I absolutely adore animals and love working with them. Dogs, cats, horses and even any wild animals such as lizards, snakes and insects. You name them… i capture them.


I live in a beautiful place where the sunsets are almost magical… how can i not use that? But of course i also love travelling a lot and the only souvenirs i bring home are my photographs.


I think in some buildings you can see a personality and how this personality changes with the light from its surroundings.


The ocean truly fascinates me and so you will observe a lot of photos where the sea, ocean and waves are main subject.


Sometimes I see a simple object in a great yet weird lighting and i just know it would make a great, almost abstract shot.


Apart from nature, I am also interested in boats, cars and planes. And as you can see, these can make great photos, especially in black and white.

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